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  • Ron Veit Junior Goaltender Development Camp $475 plus tax
    June 25 and 26
    Scotia Barn (8Rinks) Burnaby
    June 25 and 26
    Scotia Barn (8Rinks) Burnaby
    For high performance goaltenders 16 and over only. 2 hours of ice each day followed by goalie tactical seminar and yoga class.
  • Advanced Technical Camp Scotia Barn (8 Rinks) July 18-22 $599 +tax
    July 18-22
    Burnaby 8 Rinks, 6501 Sprott St, Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8, Canada
    AdvanceTechnical Development camp for goalies who are trying out for rep hockey ages atom and older at Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 rinks) - $599 plus tax
  • All Ages development camp August 15th - 19th (Burnaby 8 Rinks)
    Aug 15th-19th
    Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 Rinks)
    Aug 15th-19th
    Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 Rinks), 6501 Sprott St, Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8, Canada
    All Ages development camp at Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 Rinks) - $499 plus tax Aug 15th-19th
  • All Ages Development Summer Camp - Aug 8th-12th - Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 Rinks): $499 plus tax (1)
    Aug 8th-12th
    Burnaby 8 Rinks, 6501 Sprott St, Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8, Canada
    All Ages development camp at Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 Rinks) - $499 plus tax Aug 8th-12th
  • Advance Technical Development Camp for goalies at Scotia Barn - July 25-29
    July 25-29
    Scotia Barn (Burnaby 8 Rinks), 6501 Sprott St, Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8, Canada
    Advance Technical Development Camp for goalies at Scotia Barn - $599 plus tax 3 to 1 Max Groupings
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    Lower Mainland
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    Lower Mainland
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  • Veit Elite Goalie Training Package: $2808 inc tax
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    NHTC and Veit Center
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    NHTC and Veit Center
    Train like a Pro and Save!


"A Great Coach finds a way to connect with the many different personalities he encounters in such a way that gives each individual the same of benefit of his knowledge, experiences and successes."


At Veit we believe coaching athletes is about much more than just teaching the right moves or position. We believe its about building confidence, helping to always find a way and valuing hard work and humility over the win. We truly believe that in order to be your best at anything you do, you have to love what you're doing. Veit's Instructors strive to connect with each athlete in a way that supports and encourages hard work, drive and desire. 

Ron Training an Up and Coming Goalie


Ron Veit, Owner and Chief Instructor
Damian Rhodes, Instructor
Varian Kirst, Instructor
Ron Veit, Owner/Head Instructor of Veit Goaltending Instruction Inc.
Goalie Coach and head of goaltending development for the Coquitlam Express Junior A hockey club.

Ron Veit has been involved with goaltending for over 25 years and has trained goaltenders at every   level of hockey. While working with the WHL, Ron has coached and has helped to develop talents like Carey Price and Chet Pickard, both being first round draft picks. While coaching with the Jr. A team Burnaby Express (BCHL), Ron won the Championship of Canada. Through the years Ron has trained many NHL goaltenders including talents such as Olaf Kolzig, Felix Potvin, Dan Cloutier, Damian Rhodes and Peter Scoudra to name a few.

Tanner Thomson, Head Instructor

Tanner has 15 years of experience as a goalie playing at all levels including Jr Hockey in Alberta, Canada. He continues to strengthen his skills playing against some of the best NHL starts living in the Vancouver area. This is Tanner’s 5th year as an instructor at Veit Goalie School, with the last two years in the position of head instructor. Tanner’s coaching style is rooted in the understanding of child development, including concepts such as, “learning is developed from connection and connection is developed through understanding each individual’s needs to lead them to become the best version of themselves on the ice and off the ice” -Tanner Thomson

Damian Rhodes, Instructor

NHL veteran of 12 years (TOR/OTT/ATL), now coaches with Hockey USA

Varian Kirst, Instructor

10 year European Pro DEL, now goaltending coach for the Vienna Capitals (Austria Div 1)

Veit Goaltending Instructors

The rest of Ron's team of instructors are assembled and trained in the Veit method. They all come from strong goaltending backgrounds and bring their own experiences to the program. 


Previous guest summer camp coaches have included Dan Cloutier of the Vancouver Canucks, Bill Ranford of the LA Kings.

CAMPS & Sessions



Here at Veit Goalie Schools we use Synthetic Ice in our Training Centres because we believe Synthetic Ice gives our clients a more personal and detailed approach to their learning and goal tending development. Training on synthetic ice can be the fastest way to improve your game in the in the least amount of time. Synthetic Ice allows to continually recreate simulated game situations while observing and gathering information on your performance. 

1) What is Synthetic Ice?  Synthetic Ice is a high performance synthetic surface that has been in existence for over 50 years and is used in professional hockey training centres all over the world

2) What are the benefits of training on a Synthetic Ice surface?  Training on synthetic ice requires approximately 10% more effort than training and skating on real ice because it provides a slight resistance while skating or when performing technical goalie-specific movements. This resistance aides in a goaltender's training by building the specific muscles used by goaltenders while also increasing the individual's level of conditioning. The end result is a faster stronger more agile performance by the goaltender when transitioning back to real ice surfaces.

3) What effect will the Synthetic Ice surface have on my skates?  The only effect Synthetic Ice has on your skates is that you may find your blades become dull at a slightly faster rate than you would see on real ice. This simply means you may have to sharpen your skates more frequently depending on how sharp you prefer them.


Through review and discussion we help you correct any inconsistencies or technical difficulties you may be having ensuring you are playing at your best while also being proactive in the prevention of injuries. We believe training on a synthetic ice surface is the fastest most relevant way for a goaltender to advance their game and reach their full potential as a player.

New Westminster Center


1Hr Sessions:

Drop In - $100

5 pack - $400

10 Pack - $775

20 Pack - $1500


½ Hr Sessions:

Drop In - $60

5 pack - $271

10 Pack - $501

20 Pack - $994


Semi Private One Hr Sessions:

$60 +tax Cost for each of the two goalies



6 Mo Payment plans available for 20 pk session purchases

3 Mo Payment plans available for 10 pk session purchases

All packages have to be used within 1 year of purchase.



24 Hour Cancellation Notice Required


​ "We cant thank Ron enough for the great job he's done coaching Brian. The first year Brian played goal he finished the season with only four wins the whole season.That same summer Brian attended two of Veit's summer goalie camps and then he began taking private one-on-one sessions with Ron twice a month." 


"We are very pleased to say that after only two summer camps and a total of 14 private sessions with Ron, Brian's team won the Banner for their league!!"     


Thanks Veit!                                                                       


 ​-T. Jackson​

"I am a first year Bantam in my third season of taking lessons on the synthetic ice at Veit's New Westminster Training  Centre.  Ron's technique allows me to move efficiently around the crease in response to movements of the puck through the zone." 

 " ..."The synthetic ice training requires me to execute the drills correctly otherwise I fall and lose my balance. This carries over to my game because the correct execution of skills leaves me better prepared to respond to the next event". 


​- Quillon Bowman

"Having trained as a pro goalie with Ron throughout my 12 year professional playing career, I can say that he is one of the best goalie coaches/mentors in the business.

Ron´s guidance and partnership has lead me to start my own goalie schools in Europe, which has become A top European program (Canadian Global Goaltending Camps).

Now being a professional coach for the last 4 years in the top German and Austrian leagues (DEL/EBEL)


I still look for Ron´s consultation and new ideas on Goaltending."


-Varian Kirst

Team Manager/ Goalie coach

Vienna Capitals

Hey Ron, great training session last night. I really enjoy the technical fine details which is exactly what I need in my game playing against junior level type shooters. You’ve been instrumental in getting my game to a very high level, which was only a dream when I started training with you. Much appreciated.
What time are you going to North Van today to watch the pro league?

Justin loh 
Adult Div. 1 goalie

I have trained with Ron since the beginning of my goaltending career. Since I was in Atom and could barely skate, to now playing Minor Midget AAA. He has given me all the tools in my toolbox. Through all the synthetic ice sessions and 2-a-day practices, Ron has transformed me into the goalie I am today. With his world-class training and knowledge, I have no doubt I can get where I want to be.

Jon Castro 
Minor Midget AAA NW Hawks

Ron Veit was my first goalie coach and has been an important part of my training regime and success ever since. As I have developed over the years, his approach and ability to coach the “little details” of my game is what I appreciate the most.  Specifically the mental side of the game working on save strategy and mental toughness. 


Kyle spak 

Midget A1 Semihamoo 

“ Ron Veit has been around the NHL lifestyle and taught a lot of NHL goalies of all different styles. You don’t ever see a goalie coach like him often he knows what it takes to play at the next level. I’ve trained with Ron at a very young age and he taught me a pro style game that gave me success from minor hockey right through JR A into College hockey “


Kristian Lyon 17

Thank You Ron and to your instructors for everything you do .
We are always amazed at the progress our son has made in just a few years.  We have seen him go from the disappointment of not making a Rep team to now being invited to skate with all sorts of Junior and NHL prospects .  
We appreciate the time you take to explain the " How to " and the 'Reasons why " regardless of age or ability. Whether in the studio or on the ice at a camp or team practice , you still keep it light and interesting. 
Your wealth of knowledge and positive encouragement ( even on those tough days ) really shows how much you care about both the mental and the physical development of what is probably the loneliest and toughest position in sports . 
Thank You Very Much!

Lorne Vowles

I started trading with Ron when i was 8 and his training program has always helped me step up my game to the next, wether it was the jump from Bantam A1 to academy hockey or the jump from Jr B to Jr A in the BCHL. Training with Veit gives goalies at every age and level the knowledge and skills to help take their game to the next level and i’ve taken full advantage of that!


Hunter Tarves 

Surrey Eagles BCHL 



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