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Synthetic Ice Training

Why We Train On Synthetic Ice:

Here at Veit Goalie Schools we use Synthetic Ice in our Training Centres because we believe Synthetic Ice gives our clients a more personal and detailed approach to their learning and goaltending development. Training on synthetic ice can be the fastest way to improve your game in the least amount of time. Synthetic Ice allows you to continually recreate simulated game situations while observing and gathering information on your performance. 


Through review and discussion we help you correct any inconsistencies or technical difficulties you may be having ensuring you are playing at your best while also being proactive in the prevention of injuries. We believe training on a synthetic ice surface is the fastest most relevant way for a goaltender to advance their game and reach their full potential.


What is Synthetic Ice?


It is a high-performance synthetic surface that has been in existence for over 50 years and is used in professional hockey training centres all over the world.


What are the Benefits?


Training on synthetic ice requires ~10% more effort than training and skating on real ice because it provides a slight resistance while skating or when performing technical goalie-specific movements. This resistance aids in a goaltender's training by building specific muscles while also increasing the individual's level of conditioning. The end result is a faster, stronger, more agile performance by the goaltender when transitioning back to real ice surfaces.


Will it Affect My Skates?


The only effect Synthetic Ice has on your skates is that you may find your blades become dull at a slightly faster rate than you would see on real ice. This simply means you may have to sharpen your skates more frequently depending on how sharp you prefer them.


New Westminster Center


1Hr Sessions:

Drop In - $140

5 pack - $680

10 Pack - $1300

20 Pack - $2200


½ Hr Sessions:

Drop In - $70

5 pack - $340

10 Pack - $650

20 Pack - $1100


Semi Private One Hr Sessions:

$65 +tax Cost for each of the two goalies



All packages have to be used within 2 years of purchase.

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