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Adam Manji

Coquitlam Express Jr. A

Thank you Ron! I really appreciate your support and thank you for helping my game all these years. I couldn't have done it without you.

Rob Allen

At 47 I decided to pick up goaltending. 

I started hockey as a regular player 40 years ago and was interested in goalie but never switched except for a couple of practices in my teens.

I put together mostly used gear and played a couple of pick-up games less than a year ago. It did not go well!

That's when a buddy put me onto Ron Veit. I reached out and because I was so new to the position he recommended 1-1 coaching on his synthetic ice instead of group sessions on ice.

It was a game changer! Within 2-3 sessions everything changed on both the synthetic and natural ice to the point I saw enough improvement in the first 5 sessions that I immediately signed up for 5 more.

I've improved enough that I have bought new gear and I'm getting asked to play. 

When I am getting changed for my session I run into the kids and their dad's or the junior players and they all talk to me like I am in the goalie community. It's awesome and inclusive.

It doesn't matter how old or young you are. If you want 30 years of experience with someone that has kept up with the industries best training/coaching practices you have to check out Ron at Veit Goalie Schools


Rob Allen.


Varian Kirst

Team Manager/ Goalie coach

Vienna Capitals

Having trained as a pro goalie with Ron throughout my 12 year professional playing career, I can say that he is one of the best goalie coaches/mentors in the business.

Ron´s guidance and partnership has lead me to start my own goalie schools in Europe, which has become A top European program (Canadian Global Goaltending Camps).

Now being a professional coach for the last 4 years in the top German and Austrian leagues (DEL/EBEL)


I still look for Ron´s consultation and new ideas on Goaltending.


Tyson Liu's Dad

U15 NW Hawks

Beginner to AAA in 3 years. Coach Ron Veit inspired Tyson the possibilities with hardworking and the right system. Thanks for developing Tyson to be a better goalie, moreover, a fine young gentleman


Jon Castro

Minor Midger AAA NW Hawks

I have trained with Ron since the beginning of my goaltending career. Since I was in Atom and could barely skate, to now playing Minor Midget AAA. He has given me all the tools in my toolbox. Through all the synthetic ice sessions and 2-a-day practices, Ron has transformed me into the goalie I am today. With his world-class training and knowledge, I have no doubt I can get where I want to be.

Quillon Bowman

I am a first year Bantam in my third season of taking lessons on the synthetic ice at Veit's New Westminster Training  Centre.  Ron's technique allows me to move efficiently around the crease in response to movements of the puck through the zone.

 ...The synthetic ice training requires me to execute the drills correctly otherwise I fall and lose my balance. This carries over to my game because the correct execution of skills leaves me better prepared to respond to the next event. 

Kristian Lyon

Ron Veit has been around the NHL lifestyle and taught a lot of NHL goalies of all different styles. You don’t ever see a goalie coach like him often he knows what it takes to play at the next level. I’ve trained with Ron at a very young age and he taught me a pro style game that gave me success from minor hockey right through Jr A into College hockey

Hunter Tarves

Selkirk Steelers MJHL

I started training with Ron when I was 8 and his training program has always helped me step up my game to the next, whether it was the jump from Bantam A1 to academy hockey or the jump from Jr B to Jr A in the BCHL. Training with Veit gives goalies at every age and level the knowledge and skills to help take their game to the next level and I’ve taken full advantage of that!

Lorne Vowels

Thank You Ron and to your instructors for everything you do .

We are always amazed at the progress our son has made in just a few years.  We have seen him go from the disappointment of not making a Rep team to now being invited to skate with all sorts of Junior and NHL prospects .  
We appreciate the time you take to explain the " How to " and the 'Reasons why " regardless of age or ability. Whether in the studio or on the ice at a camp or team practice , you still keep it light and interesting. 

Your wealth of knowledge and positive encouragement ( even on those tough days ) really shows how much you care about both the mental and the physical development of what is probably the loneliest and toughest position in sports . 
Thank You Very Much!

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