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would like to say "Thank You" to all of our Proud Sponsors

 "We cant thank Ron enough for the great job he's done coaching Brian. The first year Brian played goal he finished the season with only four wins the whole season.That same summer Brian attended two of Veit's summer goalie camps and then he began taking private one-on-one sessions with Ron twice a month." 

 "We are very pleased to say that after only two summer camps and a total of 14 private sessions with Ron, Brian's team won the Banner for their league!!"     Thanks Veit!                                                                        ​-T. Jackson​

   If you happen to be looking     for some extra ice time now that the 2016 season is over, come join us for our weekly On- Ice Sessions! We will be holding these sessions one weekday morning starting in mid April at NTR in Langley. Click below for more info!


​​ "I am a first year Bantam in my third season of taking lessons on the synthetic ice at Veit's New Westminster Training  Centre.

Ron's technique allows me to move efficiently around the crease in response to movements of the puck through the zone." 

 " ..."The synthetic ice training requires me to execute the drills correctly otherwise I fall and lose my balance. This carries over tomy gamebecause the correct execution of skills leaves me better prepared to respond to the nextevent.   

- Quillion Bowman

*****​​1 on 1 Private or Semi-Private Ice Sessions Available!

Email or call: 604-841-3839*****

Summer Camps


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 The Langley Knights Prospects       Camp will be taking place 

       May 9th -13th / 2016

These New Videos feature Ron Veit with Evan Sarthou and Chris Rawlings!

These drills are a great way to work on your skills!

New Videos

 Veit's Summer Goalie Camps are open for registration and we have a camp for everyone! Whether you're a goalie that is just starting to play or you're goalie that has been playing for years, we have a camp for you! Let us help you

learn how to "Play Like A Pro!"  

      Draw will be made May 1st/2016

April 9th-11th, 2016

Good Luck to everyone attending this weekend's Langley Rivermen's Prospects Camp  

What Our Clients Say About Us:

   The Langley Rivermen Prospect's           Camp will be taking place 

           April 9th -13th /2016

March 19th-21st, 2016

Great Weekend at

the Goalie Combine!

"Thank You to Everyone!!"

Play Like A Pro

 Goaltending Sessions, Camps and Programs

   Everyone here at Veit Goalie Schools would like to extend a

big "Thank You" to all those goalies that came out and participated  in our Goalie Combine weekend! We're proud of everyone's hard work and impressed with the great effort  all t goalies did!

Veit Goalie Schools is proud to say that Ron Veit is the Head Goaltending Coach and Consultant for:


April 4th,  2016

There are still spots

available  in our weekly on ice sessions at NTR! 

Call: 604-533-9625

On Ice Sessions